Piero Salustri was born in Rome, and since his early youth he followed with passion his inclination to drawing and painting. After his graduation from artistic high school, he enrolled in the Faculty of Architecture. In 1975 he started attending an art course in the studio of Pietro Annigoni and since then he has totally devoted himself in painting. From 1982 to 1985 he worked under the guidance of Riccardo Tommasi Ferroni.  

  He spent long periods of time in the United States and North Europe, studying in museums the great art of the 16th and the 17th century. A deep knowledge and mastery of the art of painting became for Piero Salustri not just an impossible, nostalgic recovery of the past, but means of expression of his own feelings.

 In 1982, the 25 year old painter, took part in the “Exhibition for young Italian artists” and he won the Banca Mercantile di Firenze Prize, which enabled him, in the same year, to exhibit in Palazzo Strozzi together with other artists.

  In 1984 he participated in the national painting competition of the St. Luca Academy in Rome and he has been awarded the first prize.

  His first personal exhibition took place in Rome at the Art Gallery “Il Punto”. In 1986 he has been reviewed in the Bolaffi catalogue (n.23), by Fortunato Bellonzi (a famous Italian art critic).

  In 1987 he won the prize “Duc de Valverde d’Ayala Valva” during the exhibition “XXI Prix International d’Art Contemporain di Montecarlo”, under the patronage of HSH Prince Ranieri III of Monaco.

One of his paintings is kept in the Museum of the St. Luca Academy in Rome.

  Some of his most important exhibitions are in 1997, at the Freccia Alata Club of the Leonardo da Vinci airport in Rome, and in 1999 at the J.F.Kennedy airport in New York, both sponsored by Alitalia, for the exhibition Alitalia for the Art.

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